Tiefling cleric of Pelor, former noble of Bael-Hexott


- Tall and stocky
- Dark hair; brick red/burgundy skin; solid red eyes; pointed teeth; furry goat legs; tail with a black bone/horn spur at the tip; sharp, black/red horns (she has to trim them pretty regularly to keep them short, they grow back super fast); no shadow or reflection.
- Wears the garments of a common acolyte of Pelor (white and yellow robes and tunic, made of rough cloth), decked out with lots of amulets and tokens bearing his symbol (including her thurible)
- Wears a rather inefficient and wide ‘battle skirt’ which drags on the floor by a few inches (to hide legs and tail)
-Has a coarse white veil (waist length) which she always wears in public to hide face/horns

Other traits:
-Doesn’t like water; will avoid swimming at all costs
-Doesn’t like short people and distrustful of animals
-Superstitious, particularly regarding The Nine Hells
-Her birth name is/was Iskra Stoloseir of Anastazhu, House of Cataclysm; from Bael Hexott



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