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ALERION SENLITH, the First of His Name, a youth of thirteen, second son of Lord Vulwyn of House Sevonel and Empress Odiel Senlith, Successor to the Emerald Throne, and Protector of The Material Empire,
-Prince Senlith’s Siblings:
   -{TELEROS II SENLITH}, stabbed to death by his sister’s soldiers in the midst of a royal banquet, a youth of fourteen,
   -EVA SENLITH, called THE QUEEN OF SWORDS, accused of conspiring to murder her brother, said to presently reside in The Free City,
   -RELAN SENLITH, a boy of seven, ward of The Scarlet Principalities,
-Prince Senlith’s uncles, aunts, and cousins:
   -EREYTH SENLITH, his uncle, m. Baron Jareth Corhorn,
   -HAZEIROS SENLITH, his cousin, adopted son of Ereyth, squire to Alerion,
   -NOVISYN SEVONEL, his aunt, Royal Vizier, Archmage of The Eladrin Empire, head of the Imperial Research Council,
   -{QUEBIS SEVONEL}, his aunt, a commander of the royal army, killed during a Tiefling siege by poisoned-arrows,
   -VAZORA SEVONEL, called THE FOX, his cousin, daughter of the late Quebis, training to become a swordmage in The Feywild,
   -VICHEROS SEVONEL, his great-uncle, called THE GRANDFATHER, castellan of The Bastion,
   -ENACARYN SEVONEL, his cousin, daughter of Vicheros, twin sister to Elrofis, a sworn knight of The Royal Guard,
   -ELROFIS SEVONEL, his cousin, son of Vicheros, twin brother to Encaryn, a sworn knight of The Royal Guard,
-Prince Senlith’s Royal Council:
   -NOVISYN SEVONEL, Royal Vizier, Archmage,
   -LYRUEL REUSUFRA, Lord Commander,
   -DELARYN NUENORA, Lord Inquisitor,
   -ANLAS KAEVOTHREN, Lord Protector,
   -ALERINDA LANTHERVAL, Lord Navigator,
-The Royal Guard:
   -PASHA ZOVERIN, called IRONBLOOD, Commander of the Royal Guard, Swordmage,
   -ENCARYN SEVONEL, called THE TWINS alongside her brother,
   -ELROFIS SEVONEL, called THE TWINS alongside his sister,
-Alerion’s retinue:
   -THE FIRST EMPEROR, an enigmatic phantom,
   -AKAT, called HOLLOWLEG, his Hobgoblin tutor, a philosopher-mage from The University,
   -HAZEIROS SENLITH, his squire,
   -LEWYS, VERINDA, and NAJ, his royal retainers,
   -TEGRA, a priestess of Corellon,
-The Court of the Sun:
   -PRAVURIEL ALHARETH, Lord Admiral, liege of House Alhareth,
   -LYRUEL REUSUFRA, Lord Commander, liege of House Reusufra,
-The Court of the Stars:
   -NOVISYN SEVONEL, Royal Vizier, Archmage, head of the Imperial Research Council, liege of House Sevonel,
   -ARIN and ERIN, twin blades given human form by Novisyn,
   -DELARYN NUENORA, Lord Inquisitor, liege of House Nuenora,
   -EADWINE DELOR, Eladrin Inquisitor,
   -{PHILLIP ASTRODAMUS}, ancient Eladrin scholar,
   -IO NOVILITHE, Eladrin scholar,
-The Court of the Moon:
   -ANLAS KAEVOTHREN, Lord Protector, liege of House Kaevothren,
   -ALERINDA LANTHERVAL, Lord Navigator, liege of House Lantherval,
   -{NALIAS LANTHERVAL}, liege of House Lantherval, died of consumption,
   -REVULUS, personal servant to Alerinda, a baseborn Elf with no real titles,
   -{ATALYA}, Elven archer sworn to House Lantherval,
   -SARRIO LANTHERVAL, called THE GOLDEN NOBLE, bastard child of the late Nalias,
   -SERVANT, Sarrio’s retainer, a clay-golem given autonomous sentience,
-The People of Thronerock:
   -CLAUDE, Kenku manservant to Io,
   -DUSEK, Tiefling fixer,
   -BODO, Halfling witch-doctor,
   -{COSIMA RHASTAL}, Human prostitute based out of Humantown, killed by a patron during a drunken assault,
   -SAIPH RASTAL, bastard child of Io and Cosima, leader of The Dustmen,
   -QUARTERS, Elven member of The Dustmen, right-hand to Saiph,
   -THIMBLE, Human member of The Dustmen, warped by Derevus’ experiments,
   -TOOTH, Human member of The Dustmen, a Werewolf
   -GLITTER, Kobold member of The Dustmen, Cleric of Asmodeus,
   -DEREVUS, Eladrin exile, formerly of House Sevonel,
   -ALARD, Human manager of The Rafters,
   -CREJAN, Elven Searcher based in Red Dragon,
   -ATARUM, Elven Master of the Thronerock Assassin’s Guild, oversees The Northeastern Quadrant,
   -MEOLAVA, Elven Shadow of the Thronerock Assassin’s Guild, answers to Atarum,



   -NEPHESTUS ALAGOR, called THE FAITHLESS, Hierophant of Bael-Hexott, descendant of a heresy-devil pact, Baron of House Alagor, Lord Protector of Bael-Turath, judge of The Crucible
   -CASAVIR, called THE HEARTLESS, commander of The Iron Enforcers, descendant of excruciarch-devil pact, judge of The Crucible, 
   -AMELITH REVARION, called THE SHAPELESS, Baroness of House Revarion, descendant of pleasure-devil pact, judge of The Crucible,
   -MORTHOS ENTARI, scion of House Entari, descendant of ice-devil pact,
   -ALEERIA SALITZAR, a former hero tormented by a curse of fire and ice, ruler of House Ravenhook,
   -HANNAULT THRAYBAN, a former hero tormented by a curse of former comrades, ruler of House Thrayban and House Dungrim,
   -ORDU DEKAAN, a former hero tormented by a curse of blades, resides within the prison ruins,
   -MILVIA, a Tiefling Vampire residing in the ruins of the city,
   -HALIUS, her adopted son,



BEATRIZ, called THE LORD OF ROADS, Gnomish Dean of The University, 
​-Members of The University:
   -IKSHA, Former-agent of The Magistratum, member of Shade's coven, reputedly dead,
   -NAT, Agent of the Magistratum,

   -THE GATE-KEEPER, Enchanted gate of The University, only opens for students,
   -ELRAVIEN, Dryad gate-keeper for The University,
-The agents and fighters of The Pit:
   -{DRIANDER BOOKER}, Human former-manager of The Pit, 
   -SULDIN, Human-Resurrected-Demon, former reigning champion of The Pit, 
   -{KARAT}, Tiefling pit-fighter, known as THE GARGOYLE,
   -{DADI}, Human pit-fighter, known as THE VISIONARY,
   -{IRI SENLI}, Human pit-fighter, known as THE PRINCE
   -{LIXATO}, Human pit-fighter, known as THE QUEEN,
   -REDGLEAM, Halfling pit-fighter, ranked seventh in The Pit,
   -{DELLYN}, Githzerai pit-fighter,
   -{MAIS}, Kenku pit-fighter,
   -QUIAT, Kenku pit-fighter, ranked twelth in The Pit, 
   -GRANDIA, Hobgoblin manager of The Pit and one of the three top managers,
   -NALOK REVALIS, Elven pit-fighter, known as THE TEMPEST, ranked second in The Pit,
   -LENDU, Minotaur pit-fighter, known as THE WARDEN, ranked third in The Pit,
   -VERACH, Tiefling pit-fighter, known as THE SCAVENGER, ranked fifth in The Pit,
   -BASHAL, Dwarven pit-fighter, ranked ninth in The Pit,
   -DEREX, Tiefling pit-fighter, ranked tenth in The Pit,
   -KEOKI, Goblin pit-fighter, ranked twelth in The Pit,
   -HEKTOR, Manager, one of the three top managers,
   -EDEL, Human pit-fighter, known as THE GRANDMOTHER, ranked fourth in The Pit,
   -NOX, Elven pit-fighter, ranked sixth in The Pit,
   -ERIDIS, Centaur pit-fighter, ranked eighth in The Pit,
   -HOSTIG, Elven pit-fighter, ranked eleventh in The Pit,
   -CANTAKI, Guard of The Pit, former fighter and brother to Canos,
   -CANOS, Guard of The Pit, former fighter and brother to Cantaki,
   -ARNOLD, book-keeper working under Plague in The Pit,
​-The People of The Free City:
   ​-GARY OAKENCHILD, called GRAVEYARD GARY, the Orc joint-owner of The Huntsman's Arrow, 
​   -EDRALL VICHINDA, Human joint-owner of The Huntsman's Arrow,
   -​BILLITHOR, Elven paladin of Bahamut,
   -KORENDA, Acolyte of Ioun, Head Librarian of the temple in The Free City, 
   -LETHELO, Acolyte of Ioun, former student of The University, studies Cosmology,
   -MELAROS, Elven Fur-Trader, 
   -KEDARA, Human mercenary, sister to Adara,
   -ADARA, Human mercenary,  sister to Kedara,
   -LO-KAG, Goliath mercenary,
   -UTHAL, Goliath mercenary,


ROSA BELLADONNA, Grand Witch of the Coven of Lua, head of the Grand Coven and its Council,
-Rosa's family by blood:  
   -LILLY BELLADONNA, great-great-granddaughter of Rosa, member of the Grand Coven's Council,
   -SHADE BELLADONNA, Elven daughter of Lilly,  former adviser to The Grand Witch, exile of the coven, founder of an unnamed coven,
   -HEATHER BELLADONNA, Elven daughter of Lilly, entrusted with care of the coven familiars,
   -BANE BELLADONNA, Eladrin son of Lilly, head guard of the coven's borders, triplet to Gazer and Pyrah,
   -GAZER BELLADONNA, Eladrin son of Lilly, lead hunter and trapper of the coven, head of the night-watch, triplet to Bane and Pyrah,
   -PYRAH BELLADONNA, Eladrin daughter of Lilly, head chef of the coven, triplet to Bane and Gazer,
   -BLOSSOM BELLADONNA, Elven daughter of Lilly, head gardener, tasked with organizing the coven's library in the off-season,
   -HAWTHORNE BELLADONNA, Elven son of Lilly, aerial guard of the night-watch, twin brother to Dandelion, 
   -DANDELION BELLADONNA, Elven daughter of Lilly, aerial guard of the night-watch, twin sister to Hawthorne, 
   -JUNIPER BELLADONNA, Tiefling daughter of Lilly, adviser to the Grand Coven, 


   -{ACERERAK}, Human explorer and scholar, 
   -NAOME, Devil, called THE GOLDEN, sealed away in a stamp,
   -KAUKO, called THE DESERT ROSE, a member of The Grey Blades,

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