Lilac Belladonna

A witch from the Coven of Lua, travelling as part of her training to become Grand Witch


- Age: 57 years
- Gender: Female
- Race: Eladrin
- Mother: Lilly Belladonna
- Father: Unknown
- Siblings: (only share a mother)
Shade (67)(F)(Elf)
Heather (65)(F)(Elf)
Bane (62)(M)(Eladrin)
Gazer (62)(M)(Eladrin)
Pyrah (62)(F)(Eladrin)
Blossom (60)(F)(Elf)
Hawthorne (58)(M)(Elf)
Dandelion (58)(F)(Elf)
Juniper (34)(F)(Tiefling)


Lilac was born the second youngest out of ten. Her oldest sister Shade was highly abusive and rude towards all of her siblings, so Lilac usually stayed clear of her if she could help it. Heather was fairly reclusive and never really talked she was overly shy and usually took care of the baby familiars that had yet to have chosen a witch companion or were just too young. As a result, Lilac rarely ever saw her unless they were having dinner for the night. Bane and Gazer were usually found watching over their younger triplet, Pyrah, who was very hyper and overly flamboyant even at a young age.
lilac could usually be found clinging to the hip of one of them given how afraid she was of Shade. Both brothers were quite strong for their Eladrin builds so they were usually tasked ion guarding the coven when they weren’t keeping on eye on their sisters. Bane and Gazer were also carbon copies of each other so most people in the coven found it impossible to tell the difference and they usually got annoyed when others mistook one for the other. However Lilac could easily tell so she was always welcomed by the two when she wanted to cling to either of them. Blossom was the bookworm of the siblings, you could usually find her in the underground library reading the many books that the coven had collected over the years. Lilac was usually read to by Blossom even though they were only 3 years apart. Hawthorne and Dandelion were usually found climbing trees and running around the coven grounds. They were usually left in charge of doing the aerial perimeter checks given their speed and skills in regards to climbing trees just in case someone tries to find the coven using the skies rather than through the miles of woodland. Lilac would occasionally go for a race across the coven grounds with the twins when she got bored from time to time. Life was simple in the coven. They all learned the basics in magical arts when they turned 4. Each took to it at their own pace but Lilac was a genius when it came the the arcane arts. She learned much more quickly in comparison to her siblings before her. It caught the attention of the adult fairly quickly. When Lilac turned 14, the leader of the coven had decided to finally name an heir.
Shade, thinking that she was the best of everyone in the tribe and oldest of the generation thought that it would be her. However, she was far to violent and corrupt for the philosophy of the Coven, so Lilac being the coven protégé with a more level head, became the heir. 3 months after the naming ceremony, Lilac became gravely ill and nearly died as a result. Thankfully, the elders had been able to find out that she had been poisoned. They found out that it had been Shade but Shade said that it had been an accident, she had apparently confused a harmless medical herb for a deadly poisonous one. The two did look fairly similar so it could be played off. However when it kept happening the elders grew suspicious. They had set up an elaborate plan to catch Shade in the act of purposely trying to kill her younger sister. It took 5 years but they finally were able to catch her. Shade was soon exiled and sent into the forest. Now do to all the the poisoning attempts, Lilac was left weak and unable to do much for a few years after the poisoning. she was 24 by the time she was fully recovered and in that time, her mother had given birth to yet another daughter. Juniper usually clung to Lilac as though she was a koala. She loved Lilac and Lilac loved her.
Juniper was usually hanging off of Lilac as she was going through further training to be the leader of the coven. This went on for decades and when Lilac finally reached the age of 57 her training was finally complete. She only had one final test to become the next Grand Witch. Travel the world for 10 years to gather information and knowledge to spread to the next generation. She was supposed to start this journey when she hit 50, but thanks to the past poisoning attempts, they had to delay everything until she was better. The last time any Grand Witch had done this had been over 200 years ago when the current Grand Witch had taken the journey. But Lilac was going to soon learn that many of the things that Rosa had seen back in the day, were kept secret as a means to protect the tribe from possible danger.

Lilac Belladonna

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