Roland Olivier

Heavy-set Human who abandoned his rural life to seek fame and fortune in The Free City


Name: Roland Olivier
Aliases: Roland, formerly The Bumpkin, formerly The King
Age: 24
Height: 6’5" // 196cm
Weight: 245 lbs // 112kg
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Bruenor “Papa” Olivier, father, mid 50’s
Aline “Mama” Olivier, mother, late 50’s
Robyn Olivier, older sister, 30
Rochelle Olivier, younger sister, 18, deceased


A blonde burly boy hailing from the small farming community of Bumpkinton Fallcrest, Roland was the son of a farmer. And for the better part of his youth, he worked the humble plot of land where his family resided. Unlike his siblings, he grew to discover he did not share their same passion for agriculture and small-town life. Roland had aspirations to become something more than just a common farmer. It was evident throughout his childhood when he would often be found skirting his chores to rough house and engage in competitive games with the other local kids.

Roland had heard stories from merchants who would travel to Bumpkinton Fallcrest for crops and supplies about the big cities to the [some direction]; tales of brazen gladiators adored by the thousands for overcoming incredible tests of strength; legends of folk-heroes fighting for and against large military forces for the greater good of the people. These stories would only further distract him from his duties on the Olivier farmstead…

…He would eventually make his way to the Free City, where he would begin to carve a name for himself as he ascended the ranks of the local fighting pits before becoming the number one contender for the championship of the arena.

Roland Olivier

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